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TAAROA’s titanium foil fuselages are specifically designed for maximum rigidity, durability, and speed. Titanium is an isotropic, homogenous material, which means it remains stable under the multi-directional forces and pressures of high performance foiling disciplines, unlike carbon or aluminum. Our titanium foil fuselages are available in different sizes for both kitefoil and windfoil, and are designed to be ultra –low profile for more rigidity, speed, and glide across all disciplines including freeride, freemove, and racing. Learn more about our titanium foil fuselages at TAAROA’s website. https://www.taaroa-hydrofoil.com/


TAAROA | Next-gen hydrofoil performance

Discover our hydrofoils for kiteboarding, windsurfing and SUP/Surfing. Taaroa has a unique data-driven approach and uses the latest technologies to enable next-gen hydrofoil performance.