According to the current situation, Path of Exile 2 may not arrive until 2022

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POE players should be very concerned about when Path of Exile 2 will come out. However, the original Path of Exile is still very interesting and continues to be fully supported by Grinding Gear Games. The latest extension is called Echoes of the Atlas, which was just announced soon, but people are full of curiosity about this sequel. The Beta test of Path of Exile 2 was supposed to start in the second half of 2020, but that did not happen, and now, it is in a difficult situation in terms of updates.

Unfortunately, players probably shouldn’t stay with Path of Exile 2 too early. PCGamer caught up with Grinding Gear studio head Chris Wilson. He admitted that due to COVID-19, the development progress is slower than expected, so PoE2 may not come out until 2022. There is no alternative.

They said that because of COVID, it is difficult for them to recruit internationally because the border with New Zealand has been closed, which has reduced the exponential growth of their asset creation team. The POE Currency progress of development is not as fast as they want, so their goal is to try their best to fight Path of Exile 2 things during 2021 and see how much progress they have made. Try to complete as much work as possible, which will give them a better understanding of the estimated release date, which should be at the end of the year.

As Grinding Gear focuses on the development of Path of Exile 2, you should probably also be prepared to Buy POE Currency make fewer updates to the original game in 2021. Although we will get a huge echo from Atlas next week, and various live events and smaller updates will still happen throughout the year, don't expect a greater expansion.

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