I did my first one hundred million a few days

I did my first one hundred million a few days

Suddenly, I made most of my money by ADARs, and when I finally completed the necessary grinding required to obtain a businessman in the game who Peacekeeper NATO weapons like Armalite rifle almost complete transactions, and a matt black by a series of German submachine gun, I can buy M4A1 furniture without having to pay on the market.

I did my first one hundred million a few days, I blow my cash upgrade game hiding place. My second million I used to buy some of the new ADARs and M4. By that time, my obsession is all consumption. I started keeping my job in the second game display open, keep an eye out for cheaper parts ADAR. Laptop on my desk, usually filled with normal adult things like to-do list, I'll spend the day trying to ignore, now full of ideas and building components hasty calculations.

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