Madden NFL 21's Unusual SpongeBob Crossover Explained

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Of all the properties for Madden NFL 21 to have a crossover , nobody could have anticipated that the SpongeBob Squarepants franchise to produce an appearance. However, this is exactly what is occurring, as SpongeBob's appearance from the hottest Madden game is set to occur sometime tomorrow. Although it's still unclear as Madden 21 coins to what the crossover will comprise, as it might be anything from particular Ultimate Team Cards into a Bikini Bottom-themed arena, the larger question is precisely why the SpongeBob-themed event is going on in the first location.

Although it is surely going to be strange to see SpongeBob sharing the stage with football players in Madden NFL 21, the confusing event isn't without reason. Surprisingly, there is an explanation behind the sudden SpongeBob teasers, and it ties back into the land that Madden relies on. Together with the NFL and Nickelodeon using a largely undiscussed connection, a larger comprehension of the crossover begins to present itself though understanding why the SpongeBob connection has been made does not make the simple fact it is occurring any less bizarre.

Announced via a post on the official Madden NFL 21 Twitter accounts on January 5, SpongeBob's face has been seen hidden in a yellow background. Captioned"are you ready? ," a reference to the catchy theme tune from the beloved show led by the sea sponge, the post's January 7 launch date teases something big is coming shortly. While exactly what this is remains to be seen, little SpongeBob-related news has certainly gotten people talking.

With the majority of people asking why this event is happening, as nobody involved Madden NFL 21 has commented on the crossover, so it would be simple to mut 21 coins cheap assume that there is simply no answer supporting the team-up. However, one Twitter post from CBS perfectly describes the logic behind the pairing, as SpongeBob's function in Madden NFL 21 is attached to the NFL playoffs. However, the game won't only be broadcasted on CBS, as a dual broadcast will happen on Nickelodeon.


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