Cosmetic Bottles-Cosmetic Packaging Design Note

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First, the design of cosmetic boxes needs to reflect age differences
It is important to pay attention to the design of cosmetic bottles to reflect the effects of age, as many cosmetics are poorly classified in this regard and naturally have different effects in many cases. If you want a more accurate crowd in the sales process, you need to pay attention to the design of the age in the packaging design process. It's not that the older the design, the better, but it's not targeted. In order to find the right consumer, this is a great way to promote the design of your box. Therefore, it may be more effective to design for different age levels.

Second, the design of cosmetic bottles needs to reflect the authenticity of the product itself
What needs to be paid attention to in the design of cosmetic bottles is authenticity. Don't deceive consumers for survival. In this way, it seems to sell very well in a short period of time, but it will become a negative material over time, because if there is a large amount of consumption, then the author finds that the product is not very good and it will naturally become more. Sorry to have a good reputation in the market, so in the usual process, the best way is to try to ensure that it has this potential, so for more people, there will be a better development space, and must Make a reliable design.

Third, cosmetic bottle packaging cannot be unique
Do not try to innovate while designing the bottle box. If this is the case, more people will not believe it. Therefore, usually the best approach is in a public environment. Minor changes, if it means you want to get a new bid from a public cosmetic box, which is not necessarily a good thing for many products, but it increases the possibility of mistrust Therefore, before getting a good cosmetic packaging box, you need to pay attention to these aspects in the design.

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