Korean comedy movies we listed

The three best Korean comedy movies we listed, including the latest and classic films that can not be missed, will not only make you laugh, but also let you know more about Korean society.

Want to see Korean movies? Don't be afraid, our list of best Korean comedy movie is here! To make it easier for you to watch these comedies, we have also added streaming links.

In this compilation of South Korea's top comedies, we chose some films that are not only interesting and entertaining, but also very meaningful.

Compared with comedy in other countries, Korean comedy movies tend to integrate other types of films into the plot. This not only refers to romantic comedy, but also means that the most interesting films in South Korea usually use their humor to highlight relevant social, political and historical themes.

The three best Korean comedy movies we listed, including the latest and classic films that can not be missed, will not only make you laugh, but also let you know more about Korean society.

Secret, big

Korean comedies have a trend: they start with comedy, but end with tragedy. This is an appropriate way to describe a secret without revealing too much.

Although the humor at the beginning of the film is relaxed rather than noisy, it has a rather funny premise: North Korea sends an elite spy to South Korea to undercover and play a rural idiot named Donggu. He shit in the street and then fell down the stairs. After Kim Jong Un's death, Dongjiu and two other undercover spies (a rock musician and a student) were involved in a power struggle with violent consequences.

Big secret is not the only Korean comedy about North Korea. There are other examples (such as North Korean guys in 2003), but secret greatly provides the most modern and mainstream form. This is a useful way to measure the daily attitude of Koreans towards North Korea. They are "wayward brothers" and ultimately still belong to the same metaphorical Korean family.

Extreme work

We continue to list the best Korean comedy film in 2019, "extreme work". The film's box office revenue exceeded US $125 million and attracted many audiences in South Korea and other countries. In fact, it is the highest paid Korean comedy ever (so far).

Extreme work combines police partners and action types. It tells that a group of clumsy police opened a fried chicken shop to provide cover for undercover anti drug operations. When the restaurant became surprisingly popular, the police tried to balance their cover story with their real mission - to achieve comedy.

The excellent cast, witty dialogue and well-designed fighting scenes make extreme work a super interesting film journey. It's not surprising that the film box office is so good!

Wedding activities

Do you know there are many Koreans in Uzbekistan? I didn't know until I saw the wedding promotion.

In this romantic comedy, two middle-aged men (Zheng Zaiying and Liu Junxiang) come to Uzbekistan to find the local Korean wife. In the process of looking for love, the two men must overcome interesting cultural and language barriers, as does their matchmaker and translator Laura (xiuai).

In Korean history and society, there are two interesting phenomena called "wedding movement".

The first is the existence of the Korean people, that is, about 500000 North Koreans living in the former Soviet Union. In the late 19th century, when South Korea's economy was in recession, many Koreans moved to the Russian Far East in order to find economic opportunities. However, when Stalin came to power, he forcibly transferred 172000 of them to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. So far, 176000 Koreans still remain in Uzbekistan. They speak a unique language and create a food tradition influenced by the Soviet Union.

Secondly, many Korean rural men can't win the hearts of local women and choose foreign brides instead. This raises interesting questions about assimilation and is part of the urban-rural gap, which also appeared in other films such as burning in 2018.

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