Analysis Of The Development Trend Of Cosmetic Bottles Packaging

In the market, if we pay attention to various containers and packaging, Cosmetic Bottles , whether they belong to the category of the appearance of the most abundant function or process


In the market, if we pay attention to various containers and packaging,       Cosmetic Bottles    , whether they belong to the category of the appearance of the most abundant function or process. The quality of the lipstick tube hose and the manufacturer are different. There is a big difference in price. The tube body can be multi-color printing and silk-screen printing. Individual manufacturers have thermal transfer equipment and technology. Gold foil and silver foil are calculated based on the unit price of area. The screen printing effect is better, the cost is more expensive and there are fewer manufacturers. Different manufacturers should be selected according to the needs of different levels. Lipstick tubes are marked with different capacity characteristics with different lengths. The capacity is 3ml-360ml, which can be adjusted. For aesthetic coordination, the caliber below 35 # is commonly used below 35 #, 100ml, 150ml usually use 35 # -45 # caliber, and the capacity above 150ml is required Use caliber above 45 #. The cosmetics market determines the demand for cosmetic bottles with diversity in appearance and function. Today we will take a look at the emergence of new generation of new technologies and changes in new cosmetic technology.
First, bring new types and functions of cosmetic bottle caps. Introducing cosmetics in the squeeze nozzle lotion bottle can well control the amount of emulsion squeezed out. In terms of lotion, it was introduced into spray nozzles. Further oil type is the upper limit of cosmetics using dropper bottles. These reports are not only in the form of cosmetic bottle packaging, food, but also in the form of chemical bottles in other fields.

Secondly, cosmetic bottles frosted, spraying process. In order to make the cosmetics of the bottle look fashionable and high-end, the frosted glass perfume bottle is used, and the process starts with the frost market application such as bottles. Finally, plexiglass (a popular name, abbreviated as PMMA) (explained: the process of transforming a substance into a glass-like amorphous body) cosmetic bottle application. In order to find broken and resistant materials for cosmetic bottles that look like glass, acrylic rolls out the bottles. Later, this special acrylic material was gradually applied in the health care bottle packaging market.
 For cosmetic bottles, because of the characteristics of the market, there will be many applications of new technologies, and the application of these new technologies will promote the development of other packaging technologies. Emulsion pump distributors are divided into two types: barbed type and screw type. From the functional point of view, they are divided into spray, foundation cream, emulsion pump, aerosol valve, and vacuum bottle.
Analysis of the future development trend of cosmetic bottle packaging design
If you want to stay ahead in the fierce industry competition, you must fully understand the market conditions.
First, plastic (structure: synthetic resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants) cosmetic bottle packaging will tend to degradable packaging materials. A large number of plastic cosmetic bottles are discarded and cannot be recycled, resulting in waste of resources and infection of the environment. As people pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, new degradable environmental protection packaging materials will be more used for the design and packaging of plastic cosmetic bottles. Secondly, relevant regulations on cosmetic bottle packaging will also be introduced. With the market standards, the relevant departments will strengthen the supervision of cosmetic bottle packaging and formulate corresponding standards and measures (pointing to the solution to the problem). Finally, the hygiene and safety standards of cosmetic bottle packaging will be an aspect that consumers will pay more and more attention to in the future. It is also a technical problem that cosmetic bottle manufacturers need to work hard to solve. Cosmetic packaging design For cosmetic bottle packaging, there are still many things that the author can't elaborate on, but the above mentioned aspects are a focus of development in the future.


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