Cosmetic Bottles-Characteristics Of Different Cosmetic Packaging Types

As an important consumer product, cosmetics have gradually deepened with the distinction between functions and functions


As an important consumer product, cosmetics have gradually deepened with the distinction between functions and functions. The combination of functions and different commercial positioning have led to more and more forms of cosmetic packaging. At the same time, in order to better reflect the value of products, cosmetic manufacturers have classified and packaged cosmetics suitable for their product positioning and consumer target groups.

It can be divided into the following three categories according to the material, form and packaging adaptability of cosmetics:

 1. Solid and solid cosmetics mainly include eyebrow pencil, compact powder, and various lipsticks. The packaging of solid cosmetics is relatively simple, mostly using boxed or pen-like designs.

2. Solid powder (granular), such cosmetics mainly have powder products such as foundation, talcum powder, etc. The commonly used designs are mainly carton (mostly round or square), metal box, plastic (structure: synthetic resin, Plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants) boxes, glass bottles (wide-mouth or closed mouth), composite materials, etc. The packaging of such containers is generally more delicate and beautiful. In addition to the plastic or metal packaging, it is also accompanied by a paper-based packaging.

 3. Fluids, mainly including liquid and cream cosmetics, among all cosmetic classifications, such cosmetics have the largest number and the largest proportion. There are many forms and designs for this type of cosmetic packaging, mainly including metal bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags and so on. Among them, plastic bags are mainly used for refills of cosmetics or lower-grade packaging, and are also often used for travel wear. Glass bottles are mainly used for high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are easy to penetrate, volatile, and contain special organic substances. Such as perfume, hair dye, nail polish, etc. Plastic bottles or plastic products are usually used in most liquid and cream cosmetic packaging for daily use, such as shampoos, skin creams, etc. There are many packaging forms under this plastic material, such as bottled, cream packaging , Spray equipment, etc.

 Liquid cosmetic packaging design, according to the distinction of liquid material characteristics, such products can be divided into cream cosmetics, liquid cosmetics and emulsion cosmetics. The following is a detailed introduction to the materials, printing, shapes and other aspects involved in liquid cosmetic packaging.

  Liquid cosmetics include nail polish, hair dye, various mousses, lotions, body lotion, perfume, etc. These products are easy to penetrate or overflow, and some are also highly volatile, such as perfume. It even contains organic bio-solvent ingredients, such as nail polish, etc. Therefore, the selection of such cosmetic packaging materials should first select materials with strong barrier and sealing properties for their permeation and volatilization characteristics, and also consider packaging with solvent resistance, such as nail polish. At the same time, for the characteristics of high fluidity and easy overflow, it is also required to consider the sealing requirements of openings, bottle caps, etc. when designing the packaging shape. For the packaging of high-end perfumes, special opening design should also be considered on the basis of artistry.

   For general liquid cosmetics, the container materials that are often selected are mainly various small-bore plastic bottles or glass bottles. The caps are made of plastic caps or glass caps, and are designed with certain functions to facilitate consumer use. For special liquid cosmetics, such as gel water, mousse or hair spray, sometimes a special packaging form is used, which is spray-type packaging.

Commonly used liquid cosmetic packaging materials are mainly plastic, glass and paper for outer packaging. Plastic materials are mainly used for making plastic bottles or jars of various specifications; glass materials are mainly used for making bottles and jars of various specifications; paper is mainly used for outer packaging, which is often used to make various printing The carton, together with the inner packaging of plastic or glass, constitutes a sales pattern.

Plastic material is a chemical material, which is characterized by a small specific gravity, strong plasticity, easy coloring, and low cost. Therefore, it can be used to make various shaped containers, and is suitable for industrial large-scale manufacturing products. In actual use, in order to better express the design concept and the beauty of decoration jewelry, plastic containers often have to be colored and treated with various decorative printing processes to meet the needs of different designs. Plastic materials commonly used for making cosmetic packaging include: polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, etc. Plastic containers used for liquid cosmetics are generally bottle-shaped containers with smaller openings. Commonly used in various lotions and low-end perfumes. Generally, the volume of plastic bottles is larger. Only polypropylene materials can be used for spray packaging of perfume or volatile materials.

 Manufacturers generally use plastic containers to package various liquid cosmetics, the shape, color tone and transparency used vary to show the characteristics of the product. For example, in order to highlight the clear and transparent characteristics of products, plastic bottles with relatively high transparency are often used. For opaque packaging, multiple printing colors and patterns are used and paper labels are affixed to convey product information. And often use window-opening carton, printing carton as the outer packaging together constitute the overall design.

The plastic container molding process cost is low, which is convenient for large-scale production, and the color and transparency of the bottle body are easy to change, which can meet most design ideas. The overall cost is low and it is the mainstream of liquid cosmetic packaging.

The glass material is different from plastic. It has good chemical stability and generally does not react chemically or biologically with the product. The transparency of the glass itself is very high, and different glass can be added to produce glass products of different colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc. In addition, the glass has good sealing, barrier, preservation, heat resistance and pressure resistance, but the glass is fragile and the cost is high. Therefore, the glass material is mostly used for high-end liquid cosmetics or cosmetic packaging with special properties.


 Glass containers used for liquid cosmetic packaging are often narrow-necked bottles, mainly used for perfume and nail polish. The shape of the glass container can be realized by changing the mold according to the design needs in advance. The bottle body can also be added with a simple decorative box to stick the label, and choose a different color. High-end perfumes have high requirements on the design of bottle caps and need to reflect certain uniqueness.

The packaging of nail polish mostly uses exquisite small glass bottles. Since the ingredients of nail polish mostly contain pigments of special materials, precipitation will occur when placed for a long time. Therefore, the design of the bottle caps for nail polish packaging is often equipped with a brush and is easy to use. At the same time, the organic solvent of nail polish is very volatile, so it is necessary to ensure the sealing during packaging design to ensure the long-term storage of the product.

Nail polish generally uses a variety of colorless and transparent glass materials, which can intuitively see the product color of the nail polish, and select the appropriate location to paste the label without affecting the observation. The design of the bottle cap and bottle shape needs to be maintained Consistency to enhance the overall packaging style of the product.

Perfumes or essences are the most commonly used cosmetics in glass containers. The core value of this type of liquid cosmetics is the volatile, rich and long-lasting fragrance. Therefore, most of their packaging uses glass bottles to enhance the value of crystal production. For some lower-grade perfumes, such as Zhan Longshui, suitable plastic materials can also be used for packaging.

 Glass bottles that provide packaging for perfumes have high requirements in terms of artistry and uniqueness. Generally, glass bottles of multiple colors are used in the department, and various patterns and texts are designed and processed when processing the glass bottle body to increase Decorative. The capacity of glass bottles usually has a variety of specifications to distinguish different consumer objects, but the glass bottles of different capacities of the same product all maintain a unified design style. The design requirements for bottle caps are also relatively high. Generally, it is required to maintain a certain degree of personalization and brand artistry, and it is seamless with the bottle body style.

The design of common perfume glass bottles are:

  1. The general-purpose bottle type and bottle cap design are generally dumped and used for mass consumption, such as cologne, etc. The size and capacity of glass bottles are large, and the packaging cost must be reduced.

   2. Specially designed glass bottle and bottle cap design, this design is mostly used for high-end perfumes, from all sides to the bottle shape, the design of the bottle cap is artistically created, and the bottle mouth is mostly sprayed to facilitate consumer use And quantitative, and the outer packaging of the glass bottle is also equipped with special exquisite cartons or boxes of other materials to meet the needs of people with high consumption capacity.

   3. Roll-bead design, this is a special bottle mouth design. Plastic bottle caps are designed on the bottle mouths. Small balls are used inside the bottle caps to guide the liquid perfume or fragrance out of the bottle body. When there is no pressure To ensure the tightness of the bottle (things that play a role in protection), in addition to glass materials, this perfume bottle is also packaged in plastic bottles, which are mostly used for flavor products with greater viscosity.


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