The Air Of King--2015 SIHH Cartier Popular Novelties

The Air Of King--2015 SIHH Cartier Popular Novelties

Cartier has 160 years of rich experience and has long history in dealing with jewelry, making it both mastering in the watch and jewelry. When these two things come together, great art of work come to exist. In the watch-making skills, Cartier never lack of innovation and memory, and in this 2015 SIHH Cartier definitely become an striking on in the fair. The continuing innovation and inspiration leads to birth of masterpieces. Here just learn more about the watchmaker of replica watches swiss - Cartier.

Cheetah--Forever Theme
Cheetah has been chosen as the theme in the dial and year after year, Cartier updates it. Sometimes it is engaged in ornamenting the skeleton and sometimes it is applied to the rotor. In the latest Revers de Pantheres that is perfectly proved. This diamond setting watch is featured by the day/night display, and it is an tribute to the classic Cheetah icon in Cartier watches. The vivid cheetah appears in the dial, and the shining diamonds that dot the cheetah builds a terrific dynamic picture.

Tech-freak--three complications
Rotonde de Cartier complications integrates minute repeater, perpetual calendar, and floating tourbillon in it. To make it, it requires great skills. Cartier workshop, through its terrific techniques, builds this wonderful watches with amazing sound, and terrific gong. It has a 9406 MC automatic winding movement that reflects Cartier's very innovation. This Rotonde de Cartier Three complication watches has its superiority: the gong is clear to be seen in the dial and the second is the flying tourbillon separates from the bridge, becoming a real tourbillon. Cartier applied precious material into it, including platinum, and this light material makes a cherished and thin watch. Rotonde de Cartier high-end complication watch has typical three complications. From the original design to the final assemble, Rotonde de Cartier reflects masters' skills and techniques. aswisswatches

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