PSO2 is all about Phantasy Star Online 2play

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PSO2 is all about Phantasy Star Online 2play

PSO2 is all about Phantasy Star Online 2play. Even the classes possess unique twists, such as the Summoner that PSO2 Meseta hovers over the floor and commands pets with a magic baton.

Combat feels like a mixture of Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry, or perhaps the Tales JRPG Collection, depending on the class you choose. My principal class is a Braver who uses either a katana for up-close and flashy combos or a powerful bow to rain down damage from afar. The skill tree you get back at the primary boat lobby is full of passive skill bonuses and minor skills such as dodging and parrying, but your true combat abilities are found as random loot drops on missions in the form of discs. It's possible to find new abilities badge tokens to exchange for much stronger items at sellers, as well as or more powerful versions of current abilities. Determined by the random loot gods to give you with new skills is a bit feeble, but you can sell the ones that you don't want or use them to upgrade present skills. Overall it's an addictive system that can help maintain excitement even if you're degree that is much greater.

You eventually get to pick on a subclass, which is literally just any of those classes you want. You'll obtain all of the passives from the ability tree, but can not use some of their real abilities so that you need to select something which matches your principal course well. That having been said, you can change to and play some other main class on any character just by talking about the trainer in the main lobby and switching over. Trying other classes this way is helpful, but I found myself preferring to make new characters to concentrate in different classes rather than switching back and forth I have a fresh inventory of quests and Client Orders to carry on as well as another visual identity and different private bank storage.

Every class and race is combined with charm and real personality, like the CAST, that are humanoid robots that look like miniature Gundam units and really emphasize the exceptional tone and visual identity of the PSO universe. The stellar character-creation system is actually strong too and lets you enter the particulars of every race as much as you would like. You are able to fix points all across the face in ultimate detail and actual clothing/outfit fashion quickly becomes a large focus if you care about that sort of stuff. When you're not carving up Falspawn across the surface of bizarre, fantastical planets, then you can spend your time at the Salon tweaking your visual style, shifting accessories, or giving yourself a whole makeover. A lot of PSO2's most coveted rewards are purely cosmetic and not intended for everybody to be able to receive.