Manufacturer Shares Fuel Cells Are Environmentally Friendly

To understand the classification of certain electric vehicle batteries, the manufacturer of Fast Sport Electric Motorbike will discuss the characteristics of fuel cells below:


Fast Sport Electric Motorbike manufacturers discuss the characteristics of fuel cells below:

1. Good response performance. The fuel cell can change from the lowest power to the rated power within a few seconds in response to changes in the load of the vehicle, and has a good response speed.

2. Fast energy replenishment. The fuel required by the fuel cell is mainly oxygen. It usually takes only a few minutes to inflate or replace the hydrogen cylinder, which is much shorter than the charging time of the battery of a pure electric vehicle, and its range can basically reach the standard of an internal combustion engine vehicle after one fuel refill. .

3. There are many raw materials for hydrogen production. Hydrogen fuel can decompose hydrogen compounds from formaldehyde, natural gas, petroleum gas, methane, and others. Fuel cells can be used not only as energy devices for aerospace, military power, and automobiles, but also as the fourth type of power generation technology with broad development prospects after thermal power, hydropower, and nuclear power generation.