High Speed ​​Electric Motorcycle'S Charging Knowledge

High Speed Electric Motorcycle charging notes:


High Speed Electric Motorcycle charging notes:

1. Never plug the electric bicycle battery into the charger for a long time, even if the charger turns green, the charger will not stop charging the battery.

2. When charging, the battery is hot, leaking, and the battery swells and deforms. At this time, the battery has been overcharged. 75% of the battery damage is due to this reason. Please pay attention to it.

3. Don't be superstitious that the charger will stop when it is full. Some friends have to wait until the green light turns on to stop charging.

4. When the charger is working, the temperature is relatively high. After long-term use, the internal electronic component parameters will drift, which will cause the output voltage to change the charging suspension voltage. At this time, it will be inaccurate if the charger light turns green.

5. Don't charge it when you come back every day, it is easy to overcharge. The battery life is calculated based on the number of recharges. Even if the battery is not used up, it will count as one charge, unless you ride more than 30 kilometers a day.

6. Estimate the remaining power of your battery according to the digital odometer on the car (this time reflects the importance of the odometer). For example, a 12AH battery runs 40 kilometers with full power, and the car has run 30 kilometers. The battery consumption is 12*30/40=9AH. If the charging current of the charger is 1A, theoretically it takes 9 hours to charge, considering that the charging current will be at the end of charging. The maximum charging time cannot exceed 11 hours.

7. If you find that the battery is hot during charging (it feels warm to the touch), stop charging immediately and take the charger and battery for repair.