It's an Entirely different reality in OSRS

It's an Entirely different reality in OSRS

OSRS player . Came for Waiko, stayed for Elite Dungeons after finding what they had been during a specific Waiko-related quest. Publish the next region of the oriental lands using a fresh ED Trilogy. PoH's are now sadly completely unworthy. Building training and OSRS gold butlers, the final remaining'material' for these in RS3 are made dead with this update.

For instance, all PvM Hub (War's Retreat) content could have been added into the skill, like teleports and so on, just as it is in OSRS. Your PoH would have been your base for all battle.

RS3 is becoming an XP simulator today. Content and design no more thing it seems - it is all about adding more'easyscape' MTX and compelling abilities to 120 (the sole major update the match's received recently, and no surprise that it was the highest priority).

Just wait until Jagex releases and completely new Runescape and it's nothing but p2w mtx within an absolutely amazing game, they then squander their absolutely perfect chance to have a fresh runescape era. I would agree with this if they did not already bring out AAU. They have stuck to their p2w by having no cash store that provides anything but cosmetic items. Ah yes, they'd have been working on it for the past 5+ years and then scrap it after 6 months since it doesn't satisfy their expectations.

If their brand new game is half as predatory as rs3 toward its own customers I will not consider playing with it a single time. Because that's the only kind of player left. There are a few old thoughts left. For now. Old head , I play lots of different games (even an other MMO), and that I still play RS3 too. I will admit my playing is in maintenance mode however: 2-3 herb runs a fishing and buy RS gold day in between.


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