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Mar 27, 2022
so the main question, how to make your sites approved faster right?
the question after trying 5x this month, i conclude that as a whole is same, but the minor change is different, which is
1. All theme now is approved. all matters is the structure data of the sites (not Breadcrumb)
2. My old method of "hitting the script" still works. so this is will emulate visitor, 1 sites works with this ones (hit4hit.org). and other ones i using my own proxy rotator
4. if u can, u should always make a change on sites like updating sites, change some nav bar, etc... so google will think that ur sites keep updated (i suggest around daily to once at 2 days)
5. DON'T USE NSFW BANNER. u know google very strict about this... so u can't yet put nsfw banner. if you had MGID ads. you SHOULD PUT IT AWAY until google approve your sites, because sometimes mgid giving banner like.... "u want bigger breast? click here" so google seems angry about it XD
6. if you can, you can using self ads so you can control any ads that appear on your sites.
7. On number 3 i ask you to not using any popup ads, but if you think popup model in page okay... that's not. for faster google approval, try to not make any pop up model, like... popup like fanspage on your sites.
8. make GDPR on your sites. but if you can. make it like.... bar on bottom or top of your page... don't make it show as popup in middle of screen, this will surely help your sites approval system
9. Belive to yourself XD

i think that's all that i can suggest in here... for technical insight you can search my older post about adsense.... you can use that method but renew some of it to the newer information that i already given
and remember this is not clear cut ways to get adsense approval.... this is only guiding line that i made for you in here....
ofc i had other detailed tutorial that i research myself.... but i think it's better to not share it YEEET, since it will make google change it's system AGAIN.

Just like some people on youtube in 2017 giving some bot spinner to get adsense approval then patched.... i not gonna made the same mistake like that again....
effords needed for gain success.....

If you miss or confused about something
u can ask on reply.....
if you want to use my adsense approval services you can DM me, (but i will not available for now to 1 week ahead....)
maybe that's all i want to share here... thanks for reading
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