AD Chaudhry - Python Bootcamp: 10 Hours Of Step By Step Python Lessons

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Learn intro to Python, Date & Time, Maths Functions, Arrays, Complex Numbers, Strings, Integers, Lists & Dictionaries​

This course introduces Python as a programming language, how to use it, and the different underlying concepts in developing applications or solving real-world problems using this language. This course does not require technical Coding skills and it is meant for everyone who wishes to build a career in digital world.

Who this course is for​

For those who have interest in Python
For those who want to build their career in programming languages like python

What you’ll learn​

Introduction to Python
Date and Time in Python
Sets, Trigonometry, Logarithmic in Python
Arrays in Python
Round off, and Complex Numbers in Python
Strings in Python
Strings, ord, chr, and Binary Numbers in Python
Lists and Dictionaries in Python
Tuples in Python

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