Admin Menu Editor Pro v2.17 - WordPress admin panel menu editor

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Admin menu editor pro
Admin Menu Editor Pro - admin menu editor allows you to customize the WordPress admin menu for yourself, for easy transition between settings. Features of the Pro version: an example of such features is the ability to use the editor to work with both content and themes, widgets, themes. Similar features are also relevant when working with other plugins designed for: SEO optimization; Reserve copy; protection and other functions.


Plugin settings look like 2 columns - in the first one you can edit the main items of the administrative mode section, in the second one you can edit sub-items in the sections. With their help, you can create lists of roles for users, edit their roles and rights.

All plugin settings can be saved, imported and exported. The plugin implies the ability to use shortcodes, create new menu items, sort them by drag and drop. In the menu, the user can change the names, icons and links for sections.

Admin Menu Editor Pro 2.17 + Toolbar Editor 1.4.1 + Branding Addon 1.3.2

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