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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Curated list of free courses & certifications.
The offers on top of the table are time-limited and will expire soon. So, hurry up and grab them first!
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Nutanix CertificationNutanixThey are providing free certifications until New year January 31, 2022
Gitlab CertificationGitlabFree Certifications paths and badges Unknown
Google CloudGoogleOne free month at Qwiklabs, Pluralsight & Coursera learning platforms. Pluralsight & Coursera require a credit card. Don’t forget to cancel in time. (Qwiklabs seem still to work. Rest - expired) ?31-May-2020?
AgileAtlassianFree access to Atlassian’s on-demand courses ($300 value each). 30-Jun-2020
ProgrammingPackt15 free programming & data science certificate courses by Packt ($20 value each). 31-Jul-2020
AzureMicrosoftComplete any one or more challenges and update your skills on LinkedIn on or before October 31, 2021, and stand a chance to collect your Free Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher* Oct 31 2021
ITCompTIA / The CompTIA Mentored Learning Program is a free program for displaced workers offering online instructor-led workshops that cover a technical computer curriculum geared toward IT industry-recognized CompTIA certification. 04-Dec-2020
HYCUHYCUFree Certified Enterprise Cloud HYCU Admin certification for HYCU customers and partners. Free swags for those who complete before end of October 2020. 31-Dec-2020
KubernetesRancherFree “Certified Rancher Operator: Level 1” on-demand training & certification by Rancher. 14-Jul-2021
Alibaba CloudAlibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) Cloud Computing Certification Training. / 11-Nov-2021
Alibaba CloudAlibaba CloudFor the very first time, Alibaba Cloud is offering free Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) Cloud Computing Certification Training. / 17-Nov-2021
Alibaba CloudAlibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) Container Service Certification Training. / 22-Nov-2021
Alibaba CloudAlibaba CloudFor the very first time, Alibaba Cloud is offering free Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) Cloud Computing Certification Training. / 24-Nov-2021
AWSAWSGet AWS Certified Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge. The first 6,000 participants who request vouchers will also be eligible to take a practice exam and take the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam free of charge (normally $100). 3-Dec-2021
OCIOracleOracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Foundations Associate Unlimited
OCIOracleOracle Cloud Data Management 2022 Foundations Associate Unlimited
AzurePluralsightFree subscription at Pluralsight for Microsoft Azure courses 01-Jan-2025
Cloud NetworkingAviatrixAviatrix ,Free ACE - Multicloud Networking associate Course & Certificate code ACEMULTICLOUD Limited Time
AzureMicrosoftFree AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification (worth $99) upon completion of the 2 day virtual training. (“Fundamentals” tab)Limited Time
MicrosoftBuild: Azure Developer Challenge 21-Jun-2022
AzureMicrosoftFree DP-900 Microsoft Data Fundamentals certification (worth $99) upon completion of the 2 day virtual training. (“Data Fundamentals” tab)Limited Time
AzureMicrosoftFree AI-900 Microsoft AI Fundamentals certification (worth $99) upon completion of the 1 day virtual training. (“AI Fundamentals” tab)Limited Time
AzureMicrosoftFree PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification (worth $99) upon completion of the 1 day virtual training. (“Fundamentals” tab)Limited Time
JumpCloudJumpCloudFree JumpCloud Core Certification (worth $150). Limited Time
Google CloudQwikLabsExtra 30 days for Google Cloud labs on Qwiklabs. Unknown
Automated TestingTest Automation UniversityFree certification courses by the Test Automation University. Unknown
SecurityJuniper NetworksCourses and certifications for free by Juniper Networks (instead of 150 euros). Unknown
Google CloudQwiklabsClaim 30 days free Qwiklabs and access to the featured labs. Unknown
Huawei NetworkingHuawei AcademyFree courses & exams from Huawei Academy for the HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE certifications. Unknown
Huawei NetworkingHuawei AcademFree course & certification (HCIA level, $200 value). Unknown
ProgrammingJetBrainsFree courses by JetBrains Academy for learning Java, Kotlin & Python. Unknown
Cloud MonitoringElasticFree access to 11 Elastic Stack courses ($200 value each). Unknown
DiverseUdacityOne free month access to nanodegree programs by Udacity ($400 value). Credit card / PayPal required. Don’t forget to cancel in time. Unknown
Alibaba CloudCoursera“Architecting on Alibaba Cloud Specialization” at Coursera. Unknown
DevOpsThe Linux FoundationThe Linux Foundation offers 23 free courses with finalizing exams & confirmations. Unknown
DevOpsCloudBees UniversityFree training through CloudBees University (Jenkins, DevOps). Unknown
Data AnalyticsSumo Logic6 free training courses and certifications by Sumo Logic. Unlimited
Web DevelopmentFreecodecamp6 Free Code Camp learning courses & certifications, incl. RWD, JavaScript, APIs, React… Unlimited
DiverseUdemy~670 free courses at Udemy, incl. certificates. Unlimited
cPanelCpanel UniversityFree cPanel Professional Certification (CPP) awarded simply by successfully completing the full series of video lessons. There is no final certification exam required for the CPP status. Unlimited
AnalyticsGoogle Analytics AcademyGoogle Analytics Academy free courses with certificates Unlimited
SD-WANSilver PeakSilver Peak , offers Free Training & Certification Exam for SD-WAN Profissional Unknown
Data ScienceIBM Cognitive ClassData science courses with proof of completion and badge Unlimited
IT sectorBitdegreegain or improve digital skills on our eLearning platform Unknown
SysTrackLakeside SoftwareFree SysTrack certification and badge upon completion of self-paced courses through their online learning platform. They offer three courses: SysTrack Technician, SysTrack Engineer, and SysTrack Dashboard Designer. Unknown
EggplantEggplantFree Eggplant courses and certifications. Unknown
AWSAWSFree full-time AWS training with certification and launch a career in cloud computing with AWS re/Start for unemployed and underemployed individuals. Unknown
APIAPI AcademyFree API Designer and API Security Architect certifications. Unknown
AIMicrosoft AIMicrosoft AI Classroom Series. Microsoft has joined forces with NASSCOM FutureSkills® to deliver Microsoft’s AI, machine learning and data science expertise to students through easy-to-consume modules including demos, hands-on workshop and assignments. Unknown
ZertoZertoFree Zerto Associate Certification on Zerto University. Unknown
CalicoCalicoCertified Calico Operator: Level 1. Unknown
StepikStepikSeveral free courses with certificates are available for reference in design, computer science, mathematics, etc. Unknown
LoRaWANTheThingsNetworkThe Things Fundamentals, The Things Advanced, The Things Security and The Things Network Management. Unknown
DevOps-AutomationCHEFFREE Chef Principles Certification Exam Unknown
ObservabilityNew RelicFREE Full Stack Observability Exam Unknown
ProgrammabilityNew RelicFREE Programmability Certification Exam Unknown
ChaosGremlinFREE Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering practitioner Certification Unknown
Neo4jNeo4j, Inc.Become a Neo4j Certified Professional Unknown
ConfluentConfluentFundamentals Accreditation Unknown
ConfluenceConfluenceFundamentals Accreditation Unknown
Extreme NetworksExtreme NetworksExtreme Networks Associate: Free training with an Industry Certification from the Extreme Academy Unknown
GatlingGatling AcademyBecome an ace on Gatling’s Load Testing tool! Unknown
AppiumHeadSpinAppium Advanced Certifications Unknown
SeleniumLambdaTestSelenium Advanced Certifications Unknown
DeepLearning AIDeep LearningDeep Learning Specialization. Master Deep Learning, and Break into AI Unknown
Kubernetes by VeeamFree Kubernetes Training Unknown
GraphQL & ApolloOdyssey by ApolloApollo Graph Developer - Associate Certification Unknown
GitOps GitOps Fundamental certificate Unknown
Azure DevOpsMicrosoftMicrosoft Azure Devops Expert Certification, Register and complete the learning path within start amd end dtae to get Free voucher to take the Microsoft Associate certification 2023


Palo Alto NetworksFree certification exam coupon code upon completion of certification prep training during the event. 18-Nov-2020
FortinetFree Network Security training courses & certifications by Fortinet / NSE Institute. 31-Dec-2020
The Academic Council Of uLektzFree Cyber Security training and certification. Unknown
APMG InternationalFree Certified Cyber Professional (CCP) Specialism Pilot certification for eligible indiviuals (see link for info). Unknown
Cisco Networking AcademyFree Introduction to Cybersecurity course with Networking Academy badge for completing this course. Unlimited
SkillFrontFree ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Associate™ Unlimited
AzureMicrosoftFree SC-900 Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (worth $99) upon completion of the 2 day virtual training. (“Security” tab)
AzureMicrosoft Azure Associate Level Certification, Register and complete the learning path within start amd end dtae to get Free voucher to take any Microsoft Associate certification 2023 I

Project Management​

CertiprofFree “Scrum Foundations Professional Certificate (SFPC)” certification. Available in en, pt-br & es. Use the code “COVID19Support” Unknown
Six Sigma OnlineFree Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification. Unknown
OHSCFree Project Management course and certificate by Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC). Unlimited
MsicertifiedFree Project Management Essentials Certified (PMEC) training & certification. Unlimited
6sigmastudyFree Six Sigma Yellow Belt course & certification. Unlimited
ScrumStudyFree “Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC™)” training course & certification Unlimited
SkillFrontFree Certified Associate In Scrum Fundamentals™ (CASF™) Unlimited


GoogleFundamentals of Digital Marketing free course & certificate by Google. Unlimited
MicrosoftMicrosoft Advertising certification and training. Unlimited
SMstudy4 free marketing related fundamental certifications by SMstudy. Unlimited
DMACFree Facebook & Instagram Marketing course and certification by DMAC (Digital Marketing Academy of Canada). Limited Time
Hootsuite[Students only] Free Hootsuite Platform Certification (worth $99) and Social Marketing Certification (worth $199) through Hootsuite’s Student Program. Unlimited
HubSpot AcademyFree marketing & sales courses with certification. Unlimited
SEMrushFree Online Digital Marketing Courses and Exams. Unlimited


ExasolFree Exasol training courses and certifications (€150 value each). 30-Jun-2020
Mongodb12 free MongoDB courses with proof of completion. Unlimited
CockcroachLab UniversityFree Cert - the core concepts behind distributed databases and give you all the tools you need to get started with CockroachDB Unknown
CockcroachLab UniversityFree Cert - you will build a full-stack ride-sharing application in Python using the popular SQLAlchemy ORM and CockroachDB Unknown
LiquibaseLearn all about Liquibase fundamentals from free online courses by Liquibase experts and see how to apply them in the real world. Unknown


SalesforceFree Salesforce courses with career learning paths and superbadges. Also, free half-day , offering $70 discount coupon for any $200 exam for all attendees. Unlimited
ReveneraRevenera Certification free of charge to approved members of the legal community. Unlimited
Kahoot!Kahoot! Certified for schools, free program designed to help teachers become the ultimate Kahoot! superheroes. Unlimited
Explain EverythingFree Explain Everything course and certification. Unlimited
SkillFrontFree SkillFront Entrepreneur Program™: Foundations Of Business And Entrepreneurship™ Unlimited
CertiProfFree Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration - RWVCPC Unknown
SlackFree Slack Skill Learning Paths and Badges (issued by - these are not certifications but badges for skill specialists) Unknown
ReutersReuters Training Course: Introduction to Digital Journalism Unknown
OpenSAPopenSAP is SAP’s free learning platform for everyone interested in learning about SAP’s latest innovations and how to survive in the digital economy. Unknown
KamiFree online training courses to build your Kami skills and grow as a leader in your professional learning community 31-Oct-2021
MiroMiro essentials Unknown
MiroCollaborative meetings Unknown
MiroMapping and diagramming Unknown