BlackHat Cracking Course

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Course Introduction

How To Create Digital Card For Making Amazon AWS RDP Part 1

How To Create & Connect To RDP Instances In Amazon AWS Using Digital Card or Debit Card – Part 2

How To Use ForcerX To Crack RDP – Detailed By TN – Part 3

How to make HQ Keywords Part 1

How To Create HQ Dorks Using TSP Dork Generator Part 2

How To Make HQ Dorks & HQ KeyWords Automatically Part 3

How To Get High-Quality URLs & Proxies For Cracking

How To Get injectable URLs to Dump Database Of Vulnerable Sites

How To Dump Database & Dehash Combos

Dumping & DeHashing Databases Email & Passwords [ Updated ]

How To Crack Premium Accounts – The Final Chapter

Note: To be used in a VM/RDP.