BruteFlix - Multi Module Netflix Valid Mail & Mail Access Checker

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Password WinRAR = 1

🌐 Features:

[+] Netflix Valid Mail (with subscription) checker

[+] Netflix Valid Mail + Mail Access

[+] Send Hits To Telegram Directly (via bot)

[+] Send Hits To Discord Directly (webhook)

[+] Proxies Load Via Proxyscrape API or Maybe Even Custom API

[+] Threading Optimized + Well UI

[+] Hits Saved Results/(Current Date Time)

[+] Saves Different Types Of Hits (All, Free+Mail Access, Valid mail (in netflix) + mail access, only valid mails, only free mails

[+] CPM - Best with HQ proxies

[+] Saves remaining lines when app is closed in Remaining.txt