Candidate Finder v1.6 nulled- recruitment management syste

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Candidate finder
Candidate Finder is a pre-hiring and candidate tracking system specially designed for the human resources department of any organization or firms involved in the search and selection of personnel. This unique job board invites you to analyze and thoroughly screen applicants who apply before they are hired. The built-in zoom tools (quizzes, interviews, and testimonials) can be assigned to all or some specific candidates, helping you make general and specific comparisons of their skills and abilities. You can upload resumes, quiz results, and interview results for all or selected candidates by applying various filters.


The system is built on codeigniter with a complete and easy to use admin panel to manage content and features in the system. With a minimum set of installation requirements, it can be configured on any apache or nginx hosting. The frontend is built on a beautiful and responsive template with features to allow candidates to build their resume, try quizzes and more.
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