CURCY (WooCommerce Multi Currency Premium) v2.1.34 - WooCommerce multicurrency

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
CURCY (WooCommerce Multi Currency) allows you to display prices and accept payments in multiple currencies.


CURRENCY OPTIONS: The plugin is flexible with so many frontend options.

CURRENCY AUTO DETECTION: WooCommerce Multi Currency can automatically detect the customer's base currency based on country or language.
Important note. Please note that auto-detect county features may not work correctly with websites/servers that have a cache. Please try the free version to see if it works well on your site.

CURRENCY CHECK:WooCommerce multi-currency allows you to choose the checkout currency. You can choose one or more checkout currencies. Important note. Please note that in order for a payment gateway to be displayed on the checkout page, that payment gateway must support the default currency. Example: If the default currency is South African ZAR, you will not be able to enable PayPal on the checkout page. Because PayPal does not support ZAR even if you used multi-currency to change ZAR to USD on entry.

CURCY (WooCommerce Multi Currency) v2.1.34
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