Cushion Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Installation Requirements Of Curtains

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Sep 23, 2022
introduces what should be paid attention to when installing curtains?

1. In the process of installing curtains, pay attention to the various accessories of the curtains, such as curtain heads, window rails, etc. They are the main accessories of curtains and are indispensable, otherwise it will affect the normal installation in the later stage.

2. Many homeowners will first paste the wallpaper, and then install the track, so it is very easy to stain the wall when installing the track. In addition, it is difficult to repair if the wrong hole is punched, so it is necessary to install the track first and then paste the wallpaper. In this way, the wallpaper can cover the wrong holes without affecting the appearance.

3. If your own curtains are to be installed on the inner frame, you need to install mosquito nets. We can reserve the position for installing the mosquito net when installing the track, which will not affect the installation of the mosquito net in the future.

Through the above introduction, hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.