Design Fundamentals - Lettering

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
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Evoke emotion, draw in the viewer, and communicate a compelling message with power of hand lettering​

Understand the fundamentals of graphic design and lettering to progress your design education. Learn alongside the lettering artist Chris Do hired to create the Blind logo and add an essential skill to your creative toolbox.

What’s You’ll Learn​

  1. The Origins of the Old Style - Take lettering back to its roots and understand how forms were originally created so you can apply this logic to your own drawings.
  2. Type Terms & Nomenclature - The details make the design, and you’ll learn the technicalities behind two popular letterforms: the old style serif and blackletter.
  3. Bring Ideas to Life - Learn best practices for getting your lettering compositions on paper and how to apply your new knowledge of letterforms to existing type.
  4. Let’s Get Digital - Move your pencil drawings into vector form in Adobe Illustrator and get your lettering pieces portfolio-ready with Nils’ pen-tool best practices.
  5. Level-Up Your Style - Once you’ve mastered the basics, watch as Nils critiques work from Art Center students and apply these advanced techniques to your own compositions.

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