Digital Electronics by Krishnakishore Koganti For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Digital Electronics by Krishnakishore Koganti Download For Free


What you’ll learn

  • Illustrate binary codes (weighted and non-weighted) and convert a number from one number system to an-other
  • Identify a suitable tool (Boolean theorems, K-maps, Tabular etc.) to minimize Boolean expressions
  • Implement combinational circuits using AOI and Universal logic gates
  • Design combinational logic circuits using PLDs
  • Analyse sequential logic circuits


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Course Description:

This Course is a Comprehensive Study of principles and techniques of designing Digital circuits. This course includes introduction to number systems, basic theorems and properties of Boolean algebra, minimization of Boolean functions, different logic gates, designing of circuits using logic gates, programmable logic devices, analyzing a given combinational or sequential circuit using k-map and Boolean algebra as a tool to simplify and design the logic circuits. Learner able to design any combinational circuit after the completion of this course

Scope and Objective:

The main objective of the course are to:

1. Understand number systems and codes and their application to digital circuits.

2. Understand Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps and its application to the design and characterization of digital circuits.

3. Design and analyze a given combinational circuit using Boolean algebra as a tool to simplify and design logic circuits.

4. Understand the logic design of programmable devices, including PLDs

Course Outcomes:

After undergoing the course students will be able to:

1. Illustrate the conversion of a number from one number system to another

2. Identify Boolean algebra and K-map as a tool to simplify and design logic circuits

3. Implement combinational circuits using gates

4. Design Programmable logic design

6. Attribute innovative designs by modifying the traditional design techniques

Who this course is for:

  • learners who wish to learn basic for digital elctronics, designing of combinational circuits with practicle examples

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