Extended Widget Options v4.6.11 (+addons) - managing WordPress widgets

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Extended widget options
Extended Widget Options is the most complete and user-friendly widget management plugin for the WordPress user. Easily show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages via checkbox options, elegantly integrated into each widget, with no coding required. Using Widget Options, you can show or hide any widget on mobile, tablet and/or desktop. Finally, you can now display different sidebar content for each device! Make your widget stand out from the rest with custom styling options. Let your visitors easily see the most important widgets. Easily display any widgets and sidebars on pages, posts, products or anywhere on your site using shortcodes; and reuse them wherever you want!



Widgets on Menu Addon 1.0.1
Sliding Widget Options 1.0.2

Extended Widget Options v4.6.11
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Extended Widget Options Addons:
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