Free Temporary WordPress Site For Development/Learning (No Hosting/ Domain Required)

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Get started by spinning up a site on our homepage, or by clicking this link: .

For more advanced set-up options, please click .

It comes with a plugin so that you can move your work to another hoster easily.

All of it is currently free. In the mid-term, we’re planning to offer permanent hosting for a fee.

FAQs -​

  • How long is this site live?
    Currently we delete it after 48 hours for non logged in users and 7 days for logged in. Soon we’ll give you the option to extend it, or to host it with us permanently.
  • Can I install/upload anything I want on there?
    For now, it is limited to ~1GB per instance. We’ll offer expansion options soon.
  • How many sites can I create at once?
    Currently we allow you to create 2 sites at once for non logged in users and 6 for logged in users, you can remove them in the site manager and create a new one.
  • How can I migrate to another hoster?
    By default a migration plugin is installed (Backup Migration) – use that to copy your files to another hoster.
  • Can I create WP with multisite support?
    Yes! Just click on ‘Advanced options’ and click on the respective button.
  • Can I change my PHP version later?
    Yes, if you are logged in, you can do it in the site manager.
  • Can I download WordPress debug.log file?
    Yes you can do it in the site manager (in the dashboard).
  • Can I change the domain you give me?
    That will be possible soon. Stay tuned!