GDrive Player Generator Script (Google Drive, MP4) with panel v2.1.3

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
With this system, you'll be able to generate your own players through shared Google Drive links.

It will also be able to generate players through direct links in .mp4 format.

> Unlimited plays: yes
> Auto title grabber: yes
> Multiple video qualities: yes
> Is the original file ID hidden or not? : Completely hidden
> Private video stream: yes
> JW players and
> Player ad (Vast / popads)
> Player subtitles
> Clean and intuitive admin UI
> One-click installation


$php 7.2
$ mysqli / curl
$ Apache / Nginx (Apache recommended)
$ Shared Host / VPS

This generator allows the use of Proxys so that your account and your videos are always active.
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