Genius Trading Masterclass Free

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

The Masterclass is a step by step training program from scratch!​

You will learn everything from A to Z, so even if you are a complete beginner, this Course + the Community behind this Masterclass will help you to become an independent Trader.

  • The Genius Trading Masterclass Course has everything you need to become a consistently profitable and independent Forex Trader. You will learn all Entry and Exit strategies, and all the Money/Trade-Management Systems that we use to make money in the markets.
  • On top of that, you get access to our Inner Circle Students Groupchat where you are connected to all the Traders from our Team. Our group-chat culture is all about supporting one another and making sure we achieve great results as a team. The best Traders from our team share their trading setups with their entries and exits so that all our team members can learn and benefit from that.
  • You will learn everything about market maker manipulations, and how to spot them, so you can ride the market with the big banks and institutions who are actually moving the markets. You will learn exactly how I make my money in the markets, so you can learn and earn from my 11 years of experience in the markets.
  • We build a trading plan around your trading personality. No matter if you want to be a Scalper, a Swing trader, or a day trader. The strategies and foundations that you are going to learn, work for all kinds of trading styles.
  • You get the skills, the coaching, and the 1 on 1 support that you need to succeed in this industry.