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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Requirements Receipt

  • Discord Bot (from developer panel): ( )
  • Python 3.6 or above: ( )
    • Recommended version (3.10.2):
  • Discord server that you own.
    • Settings → Enable Community (if you haven’t already)

Video Tutorial Vhs

If you need visual help on how to do this, then

Usage Sparkles

  1. Download and install if you haven’t already.78666c69706e6f74652e6465762f325563733548662e706e67
  2. Open CMD/Terminal inside this folder.
  • On Windows, open a command prompt as administrator. Type cd with a space and drag the desired folder into it. Press enter.

  1. Install requirements.txt with the command pip install -r requirements.txt
  • If you are on Windows, you might need to run command prompt as Administrator)

  1. Navigate to the , sign in, and click New Application. Choose any name, click accept and create. Next navigate to the Bot section and click Add Bot. Click on Reset Token and copy the one one.
  2. Open the script by using the command python (It might be different, like Linux and MacOS can be using python3).78666c69706e6f74652e6465762f39424e7433584d2e706e67 1
  3. Paste your Discord token by copying it and right-clicking on the application. Some users can also try CTRL + V or CTRL + Shift + V.
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT share the token! Others can use this to log into your account.
  • Note that to make it respond to your commands, you will need to keep the application/script window alive as it is what runs the bot to begin with. After you are done with everything, you can safely just close it.
  1. When the bot has logged in, copy the invite link given to you by highlighting the URL and right-clicking, then go to a browser and paste the URL.
  2. Invite the bot in to your server.
  3. Within the server, Use the /hello command provided to you.
  4. Enter to and claim your badge.
  • It might take 24 hours before you are able to claim at all, so please take time to wait a bit if that is the case.

Help needed? Telephone receiver

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Pretty simple Discord bot to get the active developer badge - GitHub - AlexFlipnote/GiveMeBadge: Pretty simple Discord bot to get the active developer badge