Guide on how to view the odds of bookmakers for new players

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Dec 13, 2022
Currently, betting is a popular form of entertainment loved by many people. However, winning against the bookmakers is not an easy task at all. Besides equipping yourself with knowledge and experience, players need to know how to effectively view the odds of bookmakers in order to analyze accurately and make appropriate decisions. Therefore, let's explore together in this article by Wintips.

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The most common types of betting odds today
Before learning how to view the odds of bookmakers effectively, players should familiarize themselves with the most popular types of football betting odds. Although this may seem simple, it somewhat helps you increase your chances against the bookmakers.
There are 3 popular types of odds in the current football betting market that many people choose when participating in placing bets: Asian Handicap (AH), European (1X2) odds, and Over/Under (O/U) odds. Each type of odds has its own characteristics and different betting methods.

European (1X2) odds
European odds are currently a favorite type of odds for many players. When participating in betting on European odds, you only need to place your bet on one of the 3 outcomes: win, draw, or lose. This type of betting odds is often used by bookmakers to determine which team is stronger and which team is weaker.
Asian Handicap (AH) odds
Over/Under (O/U) odds
Over/Under betting, also known as betting on totals, involves predicting whether the total goals scored by both teams will be over or under a certain threshold. Usually, the Over/Under odds are calculated for the official 90-minute playing time and any extra time. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to this factor.

Detailed guide on how to view the odds of bookmakers for new players
For professional bettors, they always have a lot of experience in viewing the odds of bookmakers to increase their chances of winning. Below, I will share how to view the odds of bookmakers, compiled from the advice of expert bettors, which new players can refer to in order to have the highest probability of winning.

Choosing the right time to place a bet
The key to effectively viewing the odds of bookmakers online for professional bettors is the golden moment. You need to quickly check the odds at reputable bookmakers. Then, the bookmakers often provide odds for each type of bet 3-4 days before the official match takes place for players to refer to and choose from.
The best time for online bookmakers' odds is about 1-2 days before the match starts, and you should check the odds around 4-5 PM. This is the golden time when bookmakers make their changes in odds and employ tricks to lure players. Therefore, choosing the right time to view the odds is also an effective way that many players often apply.
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Keeping a cool head when participating in odds analysis
Players need to have a clear understanding of the relevant information about both teams before making a decision to place bets. This is the determining factor for over 50% of your winning chances. Players can also refer to additional insights shared by experts or experienced bettors to form their own assessments.

When making betting decisions, it is important to maintain a level-headed approach and not be swayed by the opinions of the crowd when you are uncertain about your own choice.
In reality, bookmakers often set traps for players. Therefore, if you simply follow others without relying on your own stance and analysis, you may end up placing incorrect bets.
Additionally, players should avoid impulsive betting based on emotions. Don't let your heart dictate your betting choices just because you have a liking for a particular team or player. It is best to analyze and evaluate specific information about each team.

Avoid falling into the bookmakers' traps
Typically, bookmakers release multiple seemingly attractive odds to entice players to place bets in their favor. Therefore, if you are participating in betting but still do not fully understand how to effectively analyze the odds offered by bookmakers, it is important to pay attention to the following points:
Do not choose underdog bets in the Asian handicap if you notice that the odds are rapidly increasing and constantly changing.
Avoid placing bets with significantly increased odds.
Absolutely avoid selecting bets with high volatility.

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In this way, we have shared with you the most effective methods to analyze odds offered by bookmakers for new players. We hope that with this information, you have gained valuable tips for participating in betting.