Hacking Windows with Python from Scratch (2022) For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Hacking Windows with Python from Scratch (2022) Download For Free


Learn how hackers hacks windows machine and bypass antiviruses.(The practical way)

What you’ll learn
Create undetectable payload
Hack any windows based machine and get full access
Execute shell commands, download and upload files and access webcam
Bind payload with any files
How black hat hackers get unauthorized access to windows machine

Basic knowledge of python will be sufficient

Hi everyone! Welcome to this course. In this beginner friendly course, We are going to create a payload and a listener using python. All you need is some basics of python and you are ready to go!

No prior knowledge of hacking is required!

Topics Covered in this course

-> Executing commands on victim’s computer.

-> Getting webcam access.

-> Download & Upload files on the victim’s computer.

-> Create a payload that is undetectable by antiviruses.

-> Bind the payload with any file, even music files!


-> A Laptop/PC

-> Python3

-> Basic Knowledge of Python

-> Motivation to Hack?

Outcome of this course

-> You will understand how to execute commands with python.

-> You will be able to use socket connection to create a payload and listener or any other tools related to socket.

-> You will be able to understand how black hat hacker get unauthorized access to computers.

-> You will be able to understand uses of many python libraries like Subprocess, OS, OpenCV, Socket, etc.

-> You will be able to boost up your ethical hacking knowledge.

We will start from the basics and then we will move further in our course. At the end of this course, you will be able to successfully create a payload and listener that can hack any windows machine with ease.

Who this course is for
Anyone who is interested in Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking
Beginner python developers who wants to get practical exposure on Ethical Hacking

RAR password: XDJ