Happy Elementor Addons Pro v2.4.0 NULLED - addon for Elementor

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
Happy elementor addons pro
HappyAddons Pro is a set of slick, powerful widgets that work seamlessly with the page builder . Its fashionable appearance with detail customization functions allows you to create extraordinary designs instantly.

Off. website:

Presets. Choose from any of the pre-made designs to customize and compare different widget appearances. Just click on presets from the drop-down menu.

Cross-domain copy and paste. Working on multiple sites? Easily copy something from one site and paste it on others to get rid of repetitive work. Cool, isn't it?

Section attachment.Don't you want to use multiple sections at the same time in Elementor? Now it's possible with HappyAddons. Create as many sections as you want, organize items more efficiently.

Copy layout. It is often complained that it is impossible to make an accurate demo design on the website. Well, it won't happen again. With LiveCopy you can now copy any design from the HappyAddons demo site to your site. The magic is that you can copy from the frontend to the Elementor edit panel. Isn't it amazing?

Floating animation effect.HappyAddons provides you with several powerful features in the built-in motion effects section, which helps you animate and rotate objects in their x-axis, y-axis and z-axis like never before, and offers wonderful effects to help your websites stand out from others.

Import template. Happy Elementor Addons comes with a unique template import feature right from the Elementor editing panel. Initially, there are over 400 ready-made unique blocks / sections.

Unique icon library.Elementor provides users with 1500 great icons. But these are mostly icons. HappyAddons includes over 500 line icons by default for all users. Since the line icon trend is very popular and useful right now, we have added this unique icon pack to create an aesthetic design for your website.

Excellent performance. Get more control over your website speed with on-demand download. Turn widgets on or off as you wish. HappyAddons is carefully programmed to keep the site fast and reliable.

Global extension for all widgets.This is a great addition for elementor. Currently, several widgets have the ability to enter a background color or an image. But there is no option to use the background color of the overlay. HappyAddons provides a global background overlay for all widgets, including Elementor and all third party widgets.

Happy Elementor Addons Pro v2.4.0

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