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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
Hotel booking wordpress
The WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress is a comprehensive hotel booking system. Since it does not require coding, the plugin is absolutely handy for non-technical website owners, as well as developers creating a WordPress hotel, any theme for rent, or special websites for clients. The plugin is not targeted at any particular hotel establishment, so you can use it for hotels, bed and breakfast sites, guest houses, apartments, villas, and even hostels.


This WordPress booking plugin comes with everything you need to run a fully functional hospitality business website and (optionally) manage your booking.

You can
- create a beautiful list of all your properties;
- control seasonal prices and tariffs;
- add a search form in real time;
- rent real estate online with or without instant payments;
- sync direct site booking with popular travel channels via iCal via admin channel manager;
- add taxes and fees;
- increase direct bookings from your own website;


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MotoPress Hotel Booking - Property Rental WordPress Plugin

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