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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
I want to bring you guys some methods to bypass paywalls,
It seems every news site these days has one you click an article read 2 lines then bam paywall of doom.
Well luckily this is the internet an un-censorable shit hole so how do we bypass paywalls here are some different methods.
Method 1: Extensions
There’s various extensions that will allow you to bypass paywalls the two I’d suggest are,
If you don’t want an extension this site will do the heavy lifting for you with no installation
So those are the skid ways to bypass a paywall, but what if it’s a site that’s a little harder?
The good news is that those sites also rely heavily on SEO to attract visitors and want their articles to be properly indexed by the search engines.
We can trick them into thinking that we are a search engine bot to get the content revealed.
We can use this extension found on github to act like a bot I’m sure you’re all somewhat familiar with such a practice judging by your posts here.
Or you still can use the best Website to remove The paywalls :