How To Create High Quality Dorks

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
  1. Get an Keyword Scraper
  2. Choose an target (like minecraft, fornite, twitch, netflix, etc…)
  3. Scrape the keywords and send them to SQLI Dumper
  4. Once you paste your keywords to the SQLI Dumper click on start and wait till it has more than 15K
  5. When it has more than 15k copy it, downloada good dork tool, go to URL To Parameter and paste it (after that click on convert to parameters and save to desktop)
  6. On the same tool go to URL To Keyword and do the same (also save to desktop).
    If the tool crashes, split the .txt, so it’ll be 2 .txt’s and try again with them.
  7. Go to TSP dork gen and on his ‘presets’ folder, go to ‘keywords’ and replace the preset4 text with the keywords that are on the desktop.
  8. Do the same to the parameters, replace the preset4 from the ‘pagetypes’ folder
  9. On TSP go to keywords section and check preset 4
  10. Generate ~50K (don’t abuse)
  11. Enjoy your UHQ Dorks.