How to get a VCC (Valid Credit Card) without verification

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
AirTM is a P2P website like LocalBitcoin and Paxful, they released their VCC a while ago.

Step 1: Create an AirTM-Account -
Step 2: Deposit money into your AirTM-Wallet through PayPal, GiftCards, or Crypto.
Step 3: After you have deposited the money, switch to the Virtual Cards section ( ) and request a Virtual Card.
Step 4: Choose a name for your card (preferably not your real one lol pleb) and the amount you want to refill your VCC.

Note - This card is non-reloadable and after you use the whole balance, you will have to create a new card. You don’t have to verify your account, but you can only make one purchase per card with an unverified account, while verified accounts can make multiple purchases