How To Use ChatGPT For Search With Google

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model created by OpenAI. We can engage in intelligent conversations using any of the popular human languages such as English or Spanish. After its public release, its popularity skyrocketed exponentially. And now two mammoths of computer technology – Microsoft and Google are also going to release their AI bots. These bots will be available through Google and Bing search engines.
But until Google and Bing make their AI chatbots available to the public, we can use an extension called “ChatGPT for Google”. We can install it in the Chrome web browser. After installing it, we have to activate the ChatGPT using any of the two methods.
The first method is to simply log in to your OpenAI account in the Chrome web browser. The second method is to get an API key from your OpenAI account and then use this OpenAI API key in the settings for the “ChatGPT for Google” extension for the Chrome browser.
After this initial setup, we can choose any of the three modes of using this extension in the Google Search. The first (also the default) mode is to ask ChatGPT for anything you search on Google. The second mode is to add a question mark at the end of the search query for ChatGPT to answer. And in the third mode, you have to manually ask ChatGPT for any search queries.
When you search for something online, it will also ask ChatGPT and display its response in a small box next to the search results. Even though “ChatGPT for Google” has Google in the title, it shows results from ChatGPT from all popular search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and all the other search engines.
We tried it using it with many search engines and it displays the query results from the ChatGPT AI language model. We can proceed further by clicking on conversation button and engage in a conversation with ChatGPT.
You can get the “ChatGPT for Google” extension for the Chrome web browser from .
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