IELTS Advanced Speaking (Band 8-9) For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

IELTS Advanced Speaking (Band 8-9) Download For Free


Native Idiomatic language, Advanced Grammar, Conversational linking devices.

What you’ll learn:
How to answer IELTS Speaking questions like a native.
How to use perfectly appropriate & impressive idiomatic vocabulary in their test.

At least B2 English level (Upper Intermediate)

Taking Band 7 students to Band 8-9 in IELTS Speaking.

This course is focused on demonstrating natural, idiomatic and grammatically-advanced English language skills which will impress the IELTS e x a miner.

Idiomatic/Expressive Language to impress them:

Instead of spending a lot of money, we SPLASH OUT!

Rather than tolerating something annoying, we…. PUT UP WITH it.

We aren’t just happy –> we’re over the moon!

Linking devices to make them say wow:

When we want to tell the e x a miner additional information, we don’t say furthermore! NO!- We say on top of that!

If we want to contrast views, we can say… but at the same time.. or mind you.. ( The e x a miner will be amazed when you use something like mind you in your answer!)

Regarding -> but as far as _______ goes, ….

Such as ______ -> the likes of ______.

Grammar to make them do a double-take:

Third conditional is a breeze! -> If I hadn’t shown you the third conditional, you might’ve not used it in your test!

Creative connecting -> You’ll be just as impressed as the e x a miner!

Cool right?!

Are you ready to dive in and actually see some answers that will blow the e x a miner away?!!

This course includes:

-12 Complete IELTS Speaking Test Samples (Bands 8-9)!

-Annotations of each perfect answer given!

-Heaps of idioms, phrasal verbs, descriptive adjectives, grammar structure points and tips throughout!

- Colour-coordinated answers which show what language increases which score (Fluency & Coherence/ Lexical Resources/ Grammatical Range & Accuracy).

-12 Mini Tests at the end of each section to test how much you’ve learnt!

Take your English Speaking to the next level!

Who this course is for
Advanced students who want to achieve a Band 8-9 in IELTS Speaking.
Students who need to focus on advanced vocabulary, grammar and linking devices.

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