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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
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Project 24 was designed to help people at every level to improve their skills as Content Creators and Internet Entrepreneurs to better provide for themselves and their families.​

Unless you’re earning more from your website than you want to, Project 24 is for you.

You’ll learn the up-to-the-moment cutting-edge internet marketing techniques in the Project 24 Podcast. Ricky and Jim share in season one how they took Camper Report from $2,000/month and changed the monetization to get it to $8,000 per month.

The Blogging Course will have some steps you can fly through (for example how to set up WordPress), but will also include important things that will be new to you. We have several videos showing our exact keyword research process and what types of keywords generate our best results.

What’s included​

A Complete Blogging Process
Our step-by-step process for blogging that’s been proven now by hundreds of successful bloggers to take a site from brand new, or wherever you are right now, to making a full-time income+

Topic Selection for Success
We call it “Search Analysis” but it’s our method for how we repeatedly select article topics that we’re confident will succeed BEFOREHAND, no matter how established your site is.

Site Monetization
We’ll show you how to monetize your website–you’ll REALLY make money–using methods you’ve probably never even considered in conjunction with whatever you’re considering already.

Live Virtual Masterminds
We host live masterminds regularly (usually several per week) so that you can get questions answered directly from me or the team, as well as find help and collaborate with other Project 24 members.

Members-Only Podcast
We publish an insider-only podcast talking about our experiences, industry trends, and warnings BEFORE we talk about them our YouTube channel—and there’s a lot from these podcasts that never makes it to YouTube.

Amazing & Active Community
Building a website to a full-time income is hard work, and most people will quit before they make it.

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