Instantify v6.5 NULLED - PWA & Google AMP & Facebook IA for WordPress

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Instantify 1
This is an AIO plugin that combines Progressive Web Apps, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles and combines them to achieve amazing performance and user experience across all possible platforms. The plugin is compatible with any WP configuration. You have control over every setting and with a powerful admin panel.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to provide a fast experience for native applications. PWAs average 68% more mobile traffic, 52% more conversions, 3x more pages visited, and 2.5 seconds faster page loads.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP). AMP provides an easy way to create web pages that load quickly, load smoothly, and put the user experience first. AMP on average increases SEO and traffic by 35%, 20% more conversions, 80% faster page loading, and users spend 2x more time on pages.

Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA). Instant Articles is a tool designed for media publishers to distribute instant interactive articles to their readers on the Facebook mobile app. FBIA has an average 70% lower bounce rate, 20% more FB newsfeed opens, 30% more Facebook shares, 10x faster page loads.

Instantify v6.5
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