ISTQB Foundation level (CTFL) Training 2021 exam + 1500quiz For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

[Download] ISTQB Foundation level (CTFL) Training 2021 exam + 1500quiz For Free


What you’ll learn

TOPIC WISE QUIZ : For each topic quiz is provided

11 PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER : Only course where you will get this

CHAPTER WISE QUIZ : 100+ sample exam questions are added after each chapter

HIGH QUALITY audio and video

ISTQB QUESTION BANK : 1000+ previous questions are available

MOCK TESTS : At the end More than 10 mock tests are added

CHAPTER 4 : Many Practical questions are explained, it will save lots of your preparation .

Real testing examples are provided to explain the concepts

It will help you to crack istqb foundation level certification in one go!!

Only course in udemy which will prepare you for 2020 ISTQB EXAM.

Clear and to-the-point explaination


No prior knowlegde of testing is required.

Many examples are given to make you understand the topic.



This course is now part of “Udemy for bussiness” only 3500 course out of 1 Lack plus in udemy are selected for it.We are one among them.This course is now used by top organizations to provide training to their employees, to clear ISTQB EXAM.


ALL-IN-ONE ISTQB foundation level certification course

--> Study Lectures + Reference book + ISTQB PDF + 1000+ Sample questions

--> TOPIC WISE QUIZ : After each topic quiz is provided (you will not find this in any other course),

--> CHAPTER WISE QUIZ : At the end of each chapter more than 100 question are added for practice

--> ISTQB QUESTION BANK : At the end of course 1000+ quiz questions are available

--> 10-Mock Tests Added at the end of the course for practice

--> Total 1500+ question and in-depth explanation to each topic is provided .

--> 11 previous year question paper and their answers.

--> 6 online practice set contains 40 question each (240 questions) on demand

--> HD videos - HD Audio (no power point style reading): Watch the preview lectures to get the feel.

--> You can contact technical experts in case of doubts related to ISTQB (response 18hr)

--> No need to buy any other material for ISTQB preparation, this course is self sufficient for clearing exam.


Why is the course length of more than 10 hr?

This is to help you!

We are explaining lots of ISTQB questions so that you take less for you to prepare for certification.



The course is not created by a single person; experts/professionals from different Areas develop it.

Have a look into the course; you will admire the professionalism.

Course Creator: Ajit (12 years of experience, 7 testing certification)

Graphic Designer: AAHANA (8 years of experience)

Technical content writer and Voice Artist: CHANDANA (15 years of experience)

Editing / subtitle (captions) / Q&A : Other team members

Each video is backed with captions/ subtitles so that you get the maximum advantage



First of all, you need to know that, how much ever you read the topic or whichever training course you take, at the end you have to attempt the ISTQB “confusing Questions” and select the Best answer.


To Select the best options, only reading or going through the Training will not wholly help, what will help is PRACTICE.

The more you practice ISTQB real Questions, the more you will know how you have to read or prepare for the EXAM.

Most of the students leave this step and then face problems while Attempting Questions in EXAM.


Chapter Wise Quiz

Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Testing : 123 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 2 - Testing Throughout the SDLM : 113 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 3 - Static Testing : 80 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 4 - Test Techniques : 127 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 5 - Test Management : 121 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 6 - Tool Support for Testing : 84 previous year ISTQB questions

More than enough to know what type of questions are asked from which chapter by ISTQB



This unique course is designed for all the students who are writing the ISTQB/ASTQB Foundation level exam for the first and don’t know what types of questions are asked by the ISTQB.

For each ISTQB topic mentioned in ISTQB/ASTQB Syllabus, the question is provided, which will give you the fair idea what types of questions are asked by the ISTQB/ASTQB and how to answer them.

This course will give you in-depth knowledge about the types of questions asked from each topic.



I am an “International Certified trainer” for below topic along with my authentication no*:

1. Certified ISO-26262 for functional safety testing

2. 87973 ISTQB Foundation level

3. 108197 ISTQB Advance level Technical Test Analyst

4. 116388 ISTQB Advance level Test Analyst

5. 114710 ISTQB Agile tester Extension

6. 117029 ISTQB Model-based testing

7. 100893 ISTQB Advance level Automotive test eeer

(*you can put these no. in respective websites and find my details)


Other courses we provide

Software testing course for absolute bner

ISTQB agile testing certification

ISTQB advance level technical test analyst

ISTQB advanced level test analyst

ISTQB test manager : comming soon



Are you looking for a JOB?

Do you want to switch to the testing job?

Are you preparing for a testing interview?

Are you a student/professional who what to make a career in a Multinational company?

Do you want to understand the testing concept from in-n-out?

Then this is the end for your search, we have used our experience to help you with real industry-related examples used in fortune 500 companies, which will help you get them in - and - out of testing

---—– This course has everything that is required for the ISTQB foundation level *———

“This material is not accredited with the ISTQB”

ISTQB used here means Indian service test quality board

Who this course is for:

For all who want to clear 2018 syllabus

Saperate videos are created for both the syllabus and difference between both the syllabus is explained

Testers appearing for ISTQB certification.

To all who wants to make testing as their career.

To all who want to apply for testing job

To all who are going to attend Testing interview.

Who are looking for istqb foundation preparation

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