Kings Of Dorking | The Ultimate Guide

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
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Kings Of Dorking | The Ultimate Guide 2


Cracking has been a huge field over the previous years, fluctuating in size as legal concerns become greater as more information is divulged by the elites. Building an infamous name for manual injections and completing complex attacks. Unfortunately, the world of cracking is not that intimate. Nowadays all you need is a basic supplier of Dorks, some proxies, and some premade cracked tools from2014, if you think I’m kidding, half of you buying is probably using something like that.

The reason I call this unfortunate is now skids and leechers have invaded the lands. And they’re learning quick, moving their way up from the traditional Pastebin scrapers to steal other people’s dumps and now even actually learning what’s required. Databases are becoming harder to obtain. Especially private and High-Quality ones. I’m here to improve the quality of your Dorks, teaching you from scratch the logic of Dorking and its uses in the field of cracking.

Happy learning!