Laravel 9 Fundamentals by Mateo Prigl [Pluralsight] free

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Mar 27, 2022
Most web applications are built in a similar way. For example, they use HTML templates, connect to the database, validate user input, and implement some kind of authentication. This is why developers choose to use a structured framework like Laravel, which does all of the heavy-lifting and lets them focus on building websites. In this course, Laravel 9 Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to build web applications with Laravel. First, you’ll explore how to route the requests to the correct view. Next, you’ll discover how to process user input and save it to the database. Finally, you’ll learn how to implement user authentication and authorization without any starter kits. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the Laravel framework needed to easily build maintainable websites with Laravel.

About Mateo Prigl
Mateo is currently a full stack web developer working for a company that has clients from Europe and North America. His niche in programming was mostly web oriented, while freelancing, working on small startups and companies that require his services.
Laravel is a beginner-friendly, expressive web application framework. This is a 5hr+ beginner level course and will teach you the fundamentals of how to use Laravel to quickly start building web applications. Pluralsight is an ed-tech company for video training courses on a variety of subjects. Mateo Prigl is the author, learn more info on course here -

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