Make eCom Work - An Effective Dropshipping Course

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Make eCom Work gives People a way to build an online business without needing any experience, tech skills or hard costs.​

Over the last couple of years I have done nothing else than putting my Head down and perfecting the Copy & Paste System that can be used over and over again for dropshipping.

When I started I thought this would only work for myself, but after time I shared my system with a few selected people and they got awesome results with it as well.

It kept snowballing & more and more people got results

How Does This Process Work?​

  • Finding Your Product & Crafting Your Offer
    Most beginner Dropshippers think they need to find a winning product. In reality they end up testing 30+ products without finding a winner. To prevent this from happening we not only help you find a winning product, we also pick it for you and teach you how to build an irresistible Offer around the product so your people buy from you instead the competition
  • Building Your High Converting Sales Funnel
    If you are still wasting your time with a Shopify store then you’re conversion rate is probably below 1.5%, right?
    We at Make eCom Work teach you how to build a simple 4 page sales Funnel. In our experience these sales Funnels convert at more than double the rate of a standard store & through our very specific upsell process we also double the amount people spend with you
  • Building Your Traffic Machine
    Have you ever run Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Ads on any other platform? If yes, you probably know that it’s pretty hard to get them profitable. That’s why before we spent a single cent on ADs we are going to test the product with Fast & Free Strategies and then start running ads
  • Scaling Your Business Rapidly
    At this stage you are all setup to get to 6/7 Figures in no time. When I explored this process the first time, I have gotten from 0 to 7 Figures in just 9 Months. Here we are 100% focused on increasing revenue and building a long lasting and impactful brand.
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