Master C# And SQL By Building Applications For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Master C# And SQL By Building Applications Download For Free


Become a high-earning software developer by learning how to build real world applications using C# and SQL.

What you’ll learn

Students will learn how to use SQL and C# together to build a full stack application
Students will learn how to use Dapper in .NET to make SQL database access even easier
Students will learn how to build forms using WPF and XAML
Students will learn how to use MVVM in order to create forms that are intuitive and easily manageable
Students will learn how to create and manipulate Excel worksheets and workbooks via Open XML and C#
Students will learn how to send emails programmatically using SmtpClient in C#
Students will learn how about the SQL Merge statement
Students will learn how and when to use SQL views, SQL stored procedures and SQL user defined data type


Learn C# By Building Applications


It is now time for you to put all that you have learned from C# and SQL together in multiple applications. The sole purpose of this course is to challenge you to put multiple technologies together while solving real life problems.

All of the applications written in this course could be used in the real world with a bit of enhancement.

We are not just going to write simple console applications. We will start with a console application, but then we will build up on top of that and move on to WPF forms using XAML. We will learn about MVVM best practices.

At the same time each application is going to be a combination of SQL and C# together. We will be building SQL tables, SQL views, SQL stored procedures, SQL user defined data types and much more. Then we will be using SQL explorer to connect to SQL Server from Visual Studio.

We will be putting SQL data onto Excel worksheets and workbooks and emailing them over as an attachment all through C#. We will be building WPF forms which use data coming from the database and using Dapper we will make the communication between our C# code and SQL Server seamless.

There is so much more so you will have to take the course and see it for yourself.

It is time for you to master C# and SQL by putting them together and pushing yourself to build real life applications. This is the way in which you will become an experienced software developer and be able to make 100k to 120k per year. This is the way towards becoming a full stack engineer. There are no shortcuts or magic potions that will make you good. You will just have to take the course, dedicate your time and learn all of the information.

The great thing is that I took the time to make this course interesting and flowing so you don’t have to suffer through it. You will enjoy it and even more so will want to rematch it again.

Make sure that you have already taken the courses mentioned in the prerequisites section. This way you will be ready to dive into the course and be able to keep up with the pace.

If you are able to get through this course, understand it and feel comfortable with the concepts then you are ready to enter the real world of software development. Of course there are always going to be challenges but you will be equipped with enough skill to be able to handle the complexities and find an optimal solution.

I will see you on the other side!

Who this course is for:

Target students for this course are already familiar with the basics of C# or other programming languages
Target students for this course are already familiar with the basics of SQL Server and T-SQL or any SQL

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