Mastering 4 critical SKILLS using Python For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Mastering 4 critical SKILLS using Python UPDATED 3/2022 Download For Free


190 problems to enhance problem-solving skills. 5 projects for Project Building and Design Skills. High-quality quizzes

What you’ll learn
Deep Dive with Python 3 Modern Syntax from basic to advanced
190 practice problem from easy-to-medium-to hard to gain level-1 problem-solving skills
MANY Projects from easy to hard with their solutions for projects-building skills
MANY Quizzes to master the concepts
FOUR critical skills to master not just one
A proven curriculum: Many of my thousands students highly recommend it
Short lectures, to the point, comprehensive and easy to get
Learn from PhD holder in AI: Teaching, Training & Coaching for many years
Almost all other courses focus on knowledge. In this course, we focus on 4 critical skills.


The course covers basic to advanced modern Python 3 syntax. Beginners will learn a lot!

The course helps you master the 4 most important skills for a programmer

Programming skills

Problem-solving skills: rarely covered by other courses

Project building skills: partially covered by other courses

Design skills: rarely covered by other courses

7+ times practice & homework compare to other courses + many (real & challenging) projects

Special Teaching style: iterative, easy, and short

In a few minutes, I cover clearly what many others need 2-3 times to explain

This is an English Course only. Full manual English subtitles will also be provided soon.


Fundamentals: Variables, Loops, Control Flow, Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionary, Functions, Recursive Functions

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Objects, Classes, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Operator Overloading

Embedded in homework: Several design principles & patterns

Special Topics: Files, Exception Handling, Modules and Packages

A huge set of Quizzes, Practice, Homework, and Projects

2 styles of homework: Algorithmic (problem-solving) and applications

Several software design concerns are embedded in the homework.

So you are getting introduced to Software Engineering & Design Patterns

Several quizzes to master the concepts

Building Skills: Practice, Homework, and Projects

One unique feature in this course is my education strategy

Explain, Administrate & Challenge

Each video smoothly explains a simple concept(s)

Typically followed by easy to medium practice to administrate the concept

Then typically followed by an easy-medium-hard set of homework questions to challenge you

Extensive homework from easy to medium to hard to help to build the skills.

Most of the practice/homework questions are unique in this course

Programming questions are mainly from my competitive programming experience

OOP questions are mostly invented to achieve several goals

Mastering the OOP concepts

Enforcing a lot of design heuristics & OOD

Preparing you for design principles and patterns

Small-to-large set of projects to build up project building and design skills

Solutions to all of them.

By the end of the journey

Solid understanding of programming concepts and its Python syntax

Mastering the target 4 skills

With the administered problem-solving skills

You can start competitive programming smoothly in Div2-A/B Codeforces

Smooth start in Data Structure course

Smooth start in Algorithms course

With the administered project-building and design skills

Smooth start in Software Engineering course

Later, smooth start in one of the technology tracks in frontend or backend

Don’t miss such a unique learning experience!

Who this course is for
Whoever curious about programming
Learned programming, but has weak skills due to trying little challenges and projects
Experts in other programming languages migrating to Python

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