Microsoft Access Keyboard Shortcuts To Improve Your Productivity

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

In this post, you will get all the shortcuts of Microsoft access, As with the other applications in the Microsoft 365 suite, Microsoft Access is packed with keyboard shortcuts designed to boost productivity. Here, you’ll find the ultimate list of Microsoft Access keyboard shortcuts you’ll ever need.

Microsoft Access Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows​

Workspace Navigation
AltDisplay KeyTips
Ctrl + NOpen a new database
Ctrl + OOpen a previously created database
Ctrl + S or Shift + F12Save the database
Alt + F + A or F12Save the database as other file types
Ctrl + PPrint the current/selected object/database
EscExit Print Preview/Navigation Mode
Alt + FOpen the File tab
Alt + HOpen the Home tab
Alt + COpen the Create tab
Alt + XOpen the External Data tab
Alt + Y + 1Open the Database Tools tab
Alt + Y + 2Open the Help tab
Alt + QOpen the “Tell me what to do” search field
Alt + J + TOpen the Table tab
Alt + J + BOpen the Table Field tab
Alt + X + 2Open the Add-ins tab (if applicable)
Alt + SpaceOpen the Access icon menu/control menu
F11Hide or show the Navigation Pane
F1Open the Help window
F6Change the window’s current focus to a different pane
F7Open the Spelling dialog box
F9Refresh the combo box’s drop-down list
TabMove to the next field
Shift + TabMove to the previous field
HomeMove to start of the current field
EndMove to the end of the current field
Ctrl + FGo to the Navigation Pane search box while in the Navigation Pane
Ctrl + FOpen the Find and Replace dialog in the Find tab
Ctrl + HOpen the Find and Replace dialog in the Replace tab
Ctrl + F6Switch to the next database window
Ctrl + Shift + F6Switch to the previous database window
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4Close the current database window
EnterOpen a minimized window when selected in the Navigation Pane
Alt + F11Switch between the current Access window and Visual Basic Editor
Ctrl + GOpen the Immediate panel in the Visual Basic Editor
Alt + F4Close Access
Shift + F2Open the current field in a new dialog box
Shift + F10Refresh the current table or query
Shift + F10Open the shortcut/dropdown menu for the selected item
Ctrl + HomeMove to the top of the selected gallery list
Ctrl + EndMove to the bottom of the selected gallery list
Ctrl + TabOpen the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabOpen the previous tab
Ctrl + EnterOpen the selected item (form, macro, module, query, report, table) in Design View
Shift + Right arrowShift the selection by to the right
Shift + Left arrowShift the selection by to the left
Ctrl + Comma (,) or Ctrl + Period (.)Switch between views in when in a form, query, report, or table
Ctrl + CCopy the selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl + XCut the selected item and copy to the clipboard
Ctrl + VPaste the clipboard contents
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + ZUndo previous action or selection
Shift + SpaceSwitch between current record and the current record’s first field while in Navigation Mode
F2Switch between Navigation and Edit mode (Datasheet/Design/Layout view)
F4Open and close the Property Sheet (Datasheet/Design view)
Shift + F4Do the last Find action again (Datasheet/Form View)
Ctrl + Semicolon (WinkAdd the current date to the current field (Datasheet/Form View)
Ctrl + Shift + Colon (Slight smileAdd the current time to the current field (Datasheet/Form View)
Ctrl + Alt + SpaceAdd the default value of the field to the current field (Datasheet/Form View)
Ctrl + Apostrophe (')Add the value of the previous field to the current field (Datasheet/Form View)
Ctrl + Plus (+)Insert a new record (Datasheet/Form View)
Ctrl + Minus (-)Delete the current record (Datasheet/Form View)
Alt + F8Open and close the Field List pane (Design/Layout View)
Text Box Commands
Ctrl + Right arrowMove one word to the right
Ctrl + Left arrowMove one word to the left
Shift + HomeSelect from the cursor to the start of the text
Shift + EndSelect from the cursor to the end of the text
Ctrl + Shift + Right arrowShift the selection by one word to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Right arrowShift the selection by one word to the left
Datasheet View Commands
F8Enable Extend mode
Shift + F8Undo previous extension
Ctrl + SpaceSelect or cancel the current column
Ctrl + Shift + Up arrowCollapse the subdatasheet
Ctrl + Shift + Down arrowMove the datasheet to the subdatasheet
EscExit Extend Mode
Shift + EnterSave the current record
Design View Commands
F5Switch from the active form to Form View
F7Open the Choose Builder dialog box
Shift + F7Switch from Visual Basic Editor to form or report
Alt + V + POpen the Property Sheet for the selected field

Improve Your Microsoft Access Proficiency​

Working with data means your hands are almost always attached to the keyboard. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn the most frequently used Microsoft Access keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster.

Once you’ve mastered the shortcuts, you can then explore more learning resources to upskill in Access and take your data management to the next level.

Happy learning!