Microsoft SCCM/Endpoint Configuration Manager for Beginners For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Microsoft SCCM/Endpoint Configuration Manager for Beginners For Free


What you’ll learn

  • The exact steps for building an IT lab at home so you can fully learn and experiment with SCCM while you’re taking the course (a must for developing true hands-on experience)
  • Specific recommendations for implementing SCCM in a production environment, regardless if you’re doing a small single-site or a large-scale, globally distributed deployment
  • How to install and configure SCCM from the ground up, including downloading and installing SCCM, SQL, and all of the necessary server roles and schema
  • How to use the Configuration Manager Console, including managing users, creating boundary groups, and user discovery methods
  • How to create and push out applications to the Windows PCs on your network to the appropriate users (plus how to monitor whether it’s progress and any errors that pop up)
  • How to deploy an Operating System (in this case a Windows 10 image and software package) to a machine on your network, without worrying about making an “OMG what did I do?” type mistake
  • How to use User and Device Collections to organize and group resources for easy application, admin role, and client deployment
  • How to integrate Endpoint Protection with SCCM to prevent network security threats and keep your users safe


  • No paid software required - we will be using free and evaluation software to complete hands-on training
  • Administrative rights on your domain (if you choose not to use the lab)
  • Experience with Active Directory and Group Policy is helpful but not necessary
  • Be ready to get your hands dirty and install and administrate SCCM during the course… no “I’ll do it later” style learning here

Who this course is for:

  • System administrators looking to learn how to deploy and administrate SCCM at work
  • Individuals who have recently been promoted, moved into a new role, or have shifted departments and now to have to quickly get up to speed on how to run their organization’s SCCM setup
  • IT consultants who need to learn how to install and run SCCM for their clients
  • SCCM 2012 administrators who want to learn how to use the latest version of SCCM
  • IT professionals looking to get a job that requires SCCM as a skill, or who are just trying to expand their current skill set

RAR password: [email protected]