Narpath - 6 Day Mind Reading Workshop For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Narpath - 6 Day Mind Reading Workshop Download For Free


What will You learn?

Be the center of attention in just 6 days and let everyone feel your magnetic presence in the room with no performance experience at all​

  • My most in-demand tricks will leave people astonished, starting now!
  • Move from having no clue about mentalism to getting confident about the tricks
    and trade secrets in just a week
  • Ringer Finger Force - Strategies to read your spectator’s minds to predict their choice out of 5 items! (My Personal Favourite Opener At Shows)
  • 8 Card Mind reading miracle, the reason why I have named it 8 because this trick can be performed on anything which is 8, for example, 8 business cards
  • 4355 principle - with just 5 pieces of paper we will play a psychological game, which is termed as “Will the name’s match”
  • Left-hand right hand pocket performance - In this trick once you shuffle the cards of your own will and put one of it in your pocket, obviously guided by the mentalist, towards the end you will notice right handwritten on the right card in your hand, same with the left card and one card in your pocket
  • 34 force performance - This is my best trick and I’m giving out no information
    about it, so you will miss out on this if you don’t purchase the course

RAR password: XDJ