Over/Under Phoenix Sicbo: Ultimate Strategy to Never Lose

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Sep 7, 2023
Join us to delve into the fascinating world of phoenix sicbo dice game. Discover how to play, scoring rules, and important terms to help you become a master who never loses. Let's learn about these things in detail in the article below.

What is Phoenix Sic Bo Over/Under?

First of all, let's clearly understand the concept of this game. Sic Bo phoenix Sicbo is one of the versions of Sicbo with real money prizes that is popular with players. In particular, this version has additional VIP rewards from the phoenix jar, increasing the appeal of the game.

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Detailed Instructions on How to Play Sicbo Phoenix Over/Under

a. Place a bet

Players will bet on the betting boxes on the board, choose the chip value and place the bet before the betting time ends.

b. Shake Dice

After the bet ends, the dealer will roll 3 dice. The dice results will determine the winner.

c. Bonus and Phoenix Jar

Players will receive rewards according to the odds if they win the bet. If the dice fall into a special case, the phoenix jar will bring additional VIP rewards.

Instructions for Playing at [House Name]

a. Choose a Reputable Bookmaker

Choose [House Name] to participate in phoenix sicbo with confidence and safety.

b. Register and Deposit

Register an account and deposit money to start experiencing the game.

c. Choose Table and Opponent

Choose a table and opponent that suits your level.

d. Applying Tactics

Apply tactics and strategic thinking to win and protect your capital.

Basic Rules of Play

The game uses 3 dice with 6 sides from 1 to 6.

Players have 35 seconds to place a bet and choose a chip value.

The results of the dice determine the payout.


With top tactics and understanding of the rules of the game, you will become a sicbo phoenix sicbo master. Start your journey at [Bookie Name] today and prove your abilities in the world of phoenix sicbo!

Conquer the Betting Doors in Sicbo Phoenix: Unique Strategy

Explore the betting options in the phoenix sicbo game for optimal betting experiences and big wins. Below are details on bet types and strategies to help you become a master in the world of phoenix sicbo.

Over and Under Betting Type

Default ratio: 1:1.98

Although the payout odds may seem low, betting Over or Under is a popular choice, with a high chance of winning. Scores from 3 to 10 are Over, and scores from 11 to 18 are Under.

Any 3 Set Bet Type

Eating ratio: 1:31

Storm is a special case when all 3 dice are the same, for example all 3 have the number 5. Betting on any set of 3 brings high payouts.

Even – Odd Bet Type

Eating ratio: 1:1.98

Bet on Even or Odd based on the total score of the 3 dice. If the total is even, you win the Even bet; The opposite is Odd.

Total Bet Type

Bets are based on the total score of the 3 dice, with different payouts for each total. The bonus odds are displayed on the betting table.

Specific Number Bet Type

Predict the exact number of each dice. The number of appearances affects the bonus rate.

Guess 1 pill correctly: Ratio 1:2

Guess 2 pills correctly: Ratio 1:3

Guess all 3 pills correctly: Ratio 1:4

Bet Limit and Phoenix Jar Features

Each type of bet has a different betting limit, between 5 million and a maximum of 200 million. If the result is storm (666), the image of a phoenix will appear, lighting up the chance of big wins for players who have placed bets.


Conquering the betting gates in sicbo phoenix requires strategy and patience. You can test your strategies and experience the game at [House Name], guaranteed to bring top-notch betting experiences and exciting moments. Wishing you impressive victories and good luck!